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Protac A/S
Protac is an innovative and socially responsible company, which was established in 1994. The basic idea behind Protac’s products comes from theories about sensory in- tegration, theories which are based on what we know about the interaction between bodily sensation and the way sensation affects behaviour and participation in daily life activities. Protac’s products contain plastic balls which stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense through their weight and deep, evenly distributed pres- sure, increasing body awareness and calming the user.
Research and documentation
Protac is continually working to document and research the use of its products. Thus, in 2010 it conducted a re- search project at the University of Southern Denmark on how using the ball blanket affected sleep in children with ADHD. The findings were published in the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry in April 2011.
Innovation and product development
Protac’s products are thoroughly tested by consumers, are based on consumers’ needs and are developed in co- operation with professional experts such as occupational therapists and physiotherapists.
Protac always follows a structured innovation process which draws on the latest research within sensory pro- cessing.
Protac’s products are CE-labelled and distinguished by their high quality and user-friendly and modern design which is developed in collaboration with professional designers.
Protac continually carries out stringent checks of all its subcontractors to ensure that they always meet Protac’s high quality and environmental standards.
Expertise and consultancy
Protac provides expert advice which is rooted in the pro- fessional backgrounds of the sales staff as occupational therapists or physiotherapists as well as their continuing education through participation in courses and confer- ences. Protac’s administrative personnel are also kept up to date with developments.
Protac International
Through its distributors, Protac exports to a large num- ber of countries, mainly within Europe. Our products are sold in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Australia.

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