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Apollo Posture Cushions
Apollo Posture Cushions

The Apollo Posture Cushion is a recent development to complement the Air Comfort range of seating. In many cases, the cushions will provide perfect and stable positioning to the user, ultimately assisting in the treatment and prevention of pressure sores.

The posture cushions are suitable for a wide range of applications, from correct seating positioning, through to rehabilitation and help in care. Thanks to the adaptability of the cushions, they can be shaped into almost any form to suit the shape of an individuals body shape, improving their sitting or lying position, and ensuring they have correct lateral support for the hips and spine.

The CARRFLEX™ covered cushions meet the strictest requirements for patient comfort, health and safety. The new polyurethane-coated fabric cover has multi-directional elasticity, is breathable and provides resistance to bed bugs, fire, water, blood, microbes, viruses, bacteria, fungi and MRSA infections. The posture cushions covers are easily cleaned and maintained and will withstand the use of harsh cleaners and disinfectants.

Price: £75.00 (£90.00 Inc. VAT)
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